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Around Chinese New Year, a Novel Coronavirus epidemic swept the country and ran through the world, threading the life safety and health. Many provinces and districts started up First Level Emergency Response with orderly measures on epidemic prevention and control taken such as traffic control, home quarantine, CNY holiday extension etc.


According to the Notification on Work and Production Resumption issued by Foshan Novel Coronavirus Headquarters Office, KEVLAR FELT CO. got down for resumption preparation a week in advance including putting up slogans, checking on all staff, online safety training, equipping epidemic prevention appliance like face masks, disinfectant, thermometer, gloves etc.


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On Feb.18, 2020, KEVLAR FELT CO. officially resumed to work.No alt text provided for this imageIMG_20200309_094241.jpg

Epidemic prevention and work resumption balance. Till now, KEVLAR FELT CO. Has been strictly following the work guidance of epidemic and control, popularizing the related knowledge and requiring all staff to wear face masks at work, wash hands frequently, avoid gathering.Every day we need to measure body temperature and take personal disinfection twice a day, public area disinfection once a day. We are going all out to doing real prevention, in details. 

pt2020_03_07_15_31_29.jpgNo alt text provided for this imageUnity is strength. For the first week of our work resumption, attendance rate of our office staff reached 100%, but for production department, it was less than 30% because of the difficulty of returning. Different districts had taken varying degrees of sealing the roads or villages. Through deploying positions and with remote instruction by the technicians, we got one production line running for urgent orders. Our company person in charge got to learn about the situation of the absent staff, helping them return to work with a series of documents. Till the end of February, attendance rate of production staff already reached 80%.No alt text provided for this imageIMG_20200309_090947.jpg

During the period of epidemic prevention, logistics and transportation became a big problem as well. Even though we resumed to work, we were still facing the problem where our raw materials could not come in and our products could not go out. For the first day when we were back to work, our administration staff got to learn about the resumption time of every logistics companies so that our sales team were available to communicate with our clients on delivery time. Meanwhile, our purchasing staff were busy making contact with every suppliers, striving for more materials to send out in the minute of the operation of the logistics.

At the moment, our production has gradually recovered with more and more capacity. Our clients from home and abroad were receiving what they ordered one after another. In March, we will fight against time, firing on full power to deliver more orders.JanePhoto_1583570752269_mh1583570806682.jpg


The Novel Coronavirus Epidemic alerted the country and the world.Remember that the day when Doctor Zhong Nanshan announced the news of person-to-person transmission of the virus, the face masks were soon sold out. As the epidemic got worse and the front-line protective supplies ran out, general manager from KEVLAR FELT CO., with his family, who were in Dubai, voluntarily purchasing and bringing 2000pcs N95 face masks back and donating them to the Red Cross, for the epidemic prevention on front-line heros.

mmexport1583717017836.jpgNo alt text provided for this imageMoreover, Senior Mr. Tao, president from KEVLAR FELT CO. took response to Jiangsu Chamber of Commerce of Foshan and donated RMB 10,000 yuan, which were collected by the Chamber and handed to the charity organization in Foshan City, for the use of epidemic prevention and control.

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By the end of February, attendance rate of staff reached 80%, with production schedule becoming normal, production capacity increasing day by day and orders delivering situation getting better and better. Thanks to all who made it in time for the manufacturing and those who rushed back from other provinces to catch up with the delivery deadline, a sweet afternoon tea was presented. For the rest of year 2020, we will do this together, side by side, shoulder to shoulder.No alt text provided for this imageIMG_20200309_091927.jpg


March came with spring blossoms, also with the 110th International Women’s Day. First of all, we salute every beautiful ladies who fought in the front line of epidemic prevention, with out highest respect.


In KEVLAR FELT CO., there are many many SHE, the indispensable SHE. At work, they are considerate and careful, strong and persistent. At home, they are daughters, wives and mothers who can show, who can cook and who can teach. This is a holiday for them and the company surely sent blessings and welfare. Wish all ladies own both BREAD and ROSES!


poster_1583579711.gifNo alt text provided for this image"The Epidemic War is not yet over, it must not be taken lightly."

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